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My first weekend at a race track was a mere three days after I was born in Mechanicsville, MD on April 6th 1989. My father owned and crew chiefed a blown alcohol dragster with my uncle as the one crazy enough to get in the cockpit of the 6 second, 200mph dragster. I was told they won the race that weekend, but who knows, maybe this was just the first sign of many that I was destined to be a racer. Nearly every weekend of my life since has been spent at a race track, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. From radio control racing at a pro level when I was a young kid, to racing at the local drag strip as a young teen, I was racing in some form or another before I was legally allowed to drive. Once I turned 16, everything changed. I was drag racing every Friday night in a Camaro my father and I built together, and then autocrossing my Subaru WRX on the weekends with the local SCCA club. Racing was in my blood, and this was just the beginning of my addiction.

Kevin Parlett Racing

In 2008, I purchased one of my favorite cars; a 2005 Infiniti G35. I immediately fell in love with the G, and in my second year of owning it, while living in between Charlotte, NC and MD, I won autocross championships in DC, NC, and SC. In 2009 I moved to Charlotte full time and became the marketing manager for a new shop named SOHO Motorsports. Along with working there and building the brand for the company from the ground up, we decided to take the G35 to the next level and build it to be a beast of a time attack car, and as a marketing platform for what the shop could do. I planned the build down to every little detail, using the best products available on the market, and working with some of the best companies in the industry. Especially taking advantage of all that Charlotte aka “NASCAR Country” had to offer; from a NASCAR built roll cage and tube front end to my JGR/TRD built block (yes a Nissan motor built at a Toyota NASCAR engine shop haha).

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Everything was done top notch using the best parts and staying true to the factory VQ. After a year of building, the car turned out to be much more than I could have ever imagined. We created one of the best built G35’s on the planet. Not only would it be a beast on track, but it was also beautiful. So much so that before it even touched a racetrack it was featured in a six page article in the March 2011 issue of DSport magazine. The car I had dreamed of for years had finally been built to perfection and already in a magazine, but what I cared about most was racing. With the beauty pageant over, it was time to put it to the test.

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The G was built for the Global Time Attack series and from our first race in 2012 it was clear we had done something right. The car was quick right out of the box coming in 2nd at Road Atlanta in an under prepped car for Unlimited RWD and having only tested there twice. This was the beginning of a lot of success for the #44 car that is now entering its 4th year of racing. We have had our fair share of podiums and championships in GTA, NARRA and other time attack series across the country, but most importantly we have learned a lot on and off the track, and continue to apply what we learn to the #44 G35 in an effort to get faster and faster every weekend.

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Along with my endeavors behind the wheel of a race car I have recently began to focus on another aspect of motorsports that I have come to enjoy; crew chiefing. In 2014 I was the crew chief for Brian Kleeman’s #07 Nissan 370Z Pirelli World Challenge GTS team. It was certainly a different perspective being on the pit wall, rather than in the car, but in my inaugural season of professional road racing I learned an immense amount about car setup, team dynamics, the race industry as a whole and traveled to some of the greatest cities and tracks in North America. As a driver and crew chief, I take pride in learning as much as possible in an effort to be as fast as possible. Racing is my life, and I love every tenth of a second of it!



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#44 Time Attack Infiniti G35

When I decided to use the 2005 Infiniti G35 as the platform for a purpose built time attack car, I knew I was choosing a unique vehicle that was not only well balanced with beautiful body lines, but it was a very rare vehicle in the racing world compared to its Nissan 350Z sister. Unlike the popular LS engine swaps most import cars see these days, we decided to keep the Infiniti pure to its roots and retain the same engine platform Nissan used off the factory line; the VQ35DE RevUp engine. Having autocrossed and drag raced the G with its stock engine for years, we knew that we would have to build the engine and chassis from the ground up to get it from its baseline of 261hp to our target race number of 600hp/600tq.

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The fully built VQ35 engine would provide the perfect power curve for Time Attack racing with the addition of some boost, thanks to a custom designed single turbo kit fed by a Garrett GTX-3582R turbo. The boosted VQ engine package created a strong and linear power curve up to 7,500 rpm, allowing us to be quick out of the corners and even faster on the straights. Helping the chassis handle the new setup we have custom valved BC Racing ZR Type 3-Way Custom Coilovers paired with Swift springs, and the full array of SPL Suspension components. Keeping the chassis connected to the ground are gorgeous carbon pressed Volk TE37 SL’s wrapped in sticky Hankook Ventus TD soft rubber. All of that combined with a custom designed widebody, front aero package, and APR Performance GTC300 spoiler for added downforce; traction and balance at speed are never a problem, and you can truly feel the aero at work in the turns and on the straights.

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Not only is the engine, drivetrain, and suspension all top quality and race proven, but the interior and exterior of the car is also immaculate and show room quality thanks to custom bodywork from Bingz Customz. Keeping the driver safe and strapped into the G35 is a Sparco Pro ADV seat and 6 pt harness surrounded by a full NASCAR spec 8pt roll cage tied into the trunk and engine bay. With the driver safe and sound behind the wheel, a Computech Datamaxx digital dash and data acquisition system supplies the driver and crew with vehicle data, while an Aim Solo DL gives the driver lap information.

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The #44 Time Attack Infiniti G35 was not only built to win every weekend, but also to stand out as one of the most beautiful and well rounded G35’s ever built. I think we may have completed our goal of building one of the baddest G35’s on the planet, but we continue to improve on the car every weekend in an effort to be one of the fastest time attack cars in the country. For more information on Kevin Parlett Racing please feel free to browse through the website for articles, photos, videos, reviews and much more.