Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Pump


Aeromotive has been the fuel system brand of choice by nearly every winning motorsports team from the NHRA to GTA and everything in between. I have used their A1000 in line pump on my drag race Camaro for year and have been successfully been using their in line pump on the #44 Global Time Attack Infiniti G35 since we built the car in 2011. Along with that I have also used their fuel pressure regulator on multiple racecars and have always been impressed by their quality and even more so by their amazing customer service.

Aeromotive-Stealth-Fuel-System-5Aeromotive has been a sponsor of the #44 BC Racing Infiniti G35 for a few years now so we were excited to see Jackson and crew at the Performance Racing Industry Tradeshow this past winter, where they told me about their new Aeromotive Stealth In-Tank Pump assembly and new Fuel PSI regulator. After getting the run down I was impressed, and sold especially considering that our components had been on the car for some time now (still running great since 2011) and thanks to them for being such a great sponsor we ended up essentially getting a new fuel system for the G to help make sure we maintain reliability as best as possible.

Aeromotive-Stealth-Fuel-System-3The new Aeromotive Stealth In-Tank fuel system is designed with ease of use and versatility in mind, but most importantly performance. The kit is offered with different pump sizes but the majority of the components that works in my 12 gal ATL Fuel Cell are the same as you would use on your classic car’s factory fuel tank or any other oem tank, just using a different pump. The kit includes everything you would need to mount the pump and assembly properly (obv does not include lines and fittings) for a smooth install and looks great with the anodized top and angled outlets. Not only was it a breeze to install but it has great performance benefits for our road racing purposes, by getting the pickup so low, and is also quite possibly the quietest pump ive ever heard in my life. From your street car to your race car, or any vehicle project, I would absolutely suggest you consider the Aeromotive Stealth In-Tank Pump Fuel System on your next build. For more info visit

Great for Racecars to Streetcars!

Aeromotive has done it again with another great product in the Aeromotive Stealth In-Tank fuel system. Creating an easy to install fuel pump assembly that looks great and performs amazing on our racecar!

  • 5 out of 5 Stars

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