American Ethanol Motorsports Factory Tour


Since 2013 the #44 Global Time Attack Infiniti G35 has been running on American made farmer grown energy and making amazing power while doing it, thanks to the Ignite Racing Fuel Green 108 racing blend. Not only is this fuel produced by farmers in America, created in a process that leaves the smallest footprint of any fuel on earth, but it also burns more efficient and makes better power than any race gas available today. Not to mention it is also cheaper, cleaner burning and healthier for those that handle it compared to other harmful race gasses.

Ignite Racing fuel is being used by the top Global Time Attack teams, championship winning Formula Drift teams, championship boat racing, offroad, drag racing and literally everywhere else you can imagine. We are proud to have been a Ignite Racing Fuel team with great success for years, so when Jay called me in the middle of February and asked if I would come out to the POET facility in Sioux Falls to meet with American Ethanol and a laundry list full of motorsports experts and drivers from Michael Essa to Kenny Moen, Alec Hohnadell and a bunch of other alternative motorsports and media guys. Within a few weeks I was on a plane to what I assumed would be (and was right) a very very cold and snowy Sioux Falls, South Dakota (way too cold, have I mentioned that (think about the poor Cali guys haha)).

American Ethanol 1American Ethanol had a full two days planned for us from a great introductory meet and greet dinner thanks to Growth Energy to a great Q & A course and factory tour with the POET reps about how American made corn, husks and stalks are being turned into concentrated super fuels in a process that is almost completely renewable via new processing techniques. It was absolutely fascinating to learn about everything from the corn growth cycle and the positive impact on small local farmers, to the process of distilling the raw fuel to 200 proof in their state of the art facility. We all learned a ton and enjoyed the tour of the factory even though we froze our asses off (told you I would mention it again).

And then to finish off the already unbelievably informative motorsports summit we had a great round table discussion with some of the smartest minds in ethanol, motorsports and the automotive industry about the future of motorsports and the automotive world.  Asked tons of questions about the fuel in general from manufacturer experts, discussed how to better inform the public about the benefits of American made Ethanol and a lot more. I had a great time, learned a ton and I can’t thank Jay and everyone enough from Ignite Racing Fuel, American Ethanol, POET and Growth Energy and all the teams and media that came along as well. Be sure to keep an eye out for some great results from Team Ethanol and also future posts going into more depth about the fuel in general. Until then visit for more information.


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