BC Forged Wheels & Toyo Tires Sponsor!


2016 is shaping up to be a great year with the #44 Global Time Attack Infiniti G35. With a great schedule planned, the car prepped and ready to go, and to make things even better; new sponsors! We are proud to announce BC Forged Wheels have come on board as our co-sponsor with its sister company BC Racing Custom Coilovers! We are ecstatic to welcome the new BC brand in North America and love our new custom BC Forged RS40 Wheels! BC Forged has been producing strong and lightweight wheels for years along with their unbelievably amazing coilovers, but they were not for sale in North America until last year. We are excited to have them on the team and also very glad they connected us with our newest tire sponsor for our much wider new wheels; Toyo Tires Proxes R888’s!

BC Forged RS40 Wheels 2Global Time Attack at the end of the 2015 season announced a new rules package for the 2016 season that would help divide the classes some and help the balance of speed in a few subtle ways. One of those new rules that affected the Limited RWD class heavily was the tire treadwear rule being changed from a minimum of 80 UTGG to 100 UTGG. This rule was essentially created to knock out the “cheater tire” Hankook Ventus TD. The same tires that we had successfully run for years thanks to a great partnership with Hankook Tires. Unfortunately they were hard, if not impossible, to get your hands on if you weren’t a sponsored driver and they also were supposedly “re-stamped 60UTGG tires”, creating an unfair advantage to some. This was unfortunate for our team and many others, but even more so was our long time rep at Hankook leaving as well for another company at the same time, essentially leaving us all at square one and only a few months to find and test new tires. Luckily out of an unfortunate circumstance came a new connection with a new tire company on tires that have already proven to be faster out of the gate; the Toyo Tires Proxes R888! Thanks to BC Forged and Toyo Tires for joining the team and we look forward to winning this season! Be on the lookout for some more close up shots and video of the new wheels in the coming weeks!


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