Built to Win: New Additions for 2015


With new sponsors and a busy off season at the new Parlett Laboratories 2.0 garage the #44 Infiniti G35 has gotten some serious upgrades and tlc for the 2015 pre-season with nearly every corner of the car being modified from the interior to exterior to drivetrain to suspension and more.

The most important of the new upgrades is certainly the new BC Racing ZR Type 3-Way Custom Coilovers. They have been custom built and valved for my specific race application and are also the first prototype set of ZR’s to go on a Nissan 350Z or Infiniti G35. Right out of the box the quality of the coilovers impressed me and the fact that they are three way adjustable compared to my old two ways make me beyond excited to get it on track and dialed in. The difference between a 3-way and 2-way coilover is huge when fine tuning compression with the 3-way allowing separate adjustment for high speed and low speed compression and of course rebound and ride height adjustment. Combine the impressive ZR Type Coilovers with new Swift Springs and i’m more confident in the car than ever before i’ve even sat in it for a corner balance. These coilovers are impressive and I cant wait to try them out on track and dialed in.

Hankook Ventus TD Tires K Parlett Racing

Along with the new suspension I have finally pulled out the old rear end and diff for a new OS Giken differential and housing supplied by Z1 Motorsports with their new G/Z differential heat sink cover and connected to their new light weight aluminum driveshaft! Lots of new goodies on the car and all of which are designed to keep the new sticker Hankook Ventus TD tires planted to the track and the chassis doing exactly what I want. With all of the mechanical grip covered we also added some new aero components in the way of a larger front splitter and undertray created by my favorite fabricator; Eddie at Waldorf Stainless.

K Parlett Racing G35 Front Splitter and Undertray

Last but certainly not least I finally addressed a small issue ive had for some time; driver comfort. Sparco has provided me with a new (and very comfortable) Pro ADV Hans ready halo seat and new WTX-7 Air carbon fiber helmet to keep me comfortable in the car and as safe as possible. Also I finally scratched an in-car radio system of my wish list and installed a Racing Radios in-car / in-helmet radio system so I can talk to Kyle on pit lane for any issues, notes and setup changes while on track.

Z1 Motorsport 350Z / G35 Differential Cover

With all of the off season additions and modifications thanks to my amazing sponsors combined with all of the setup information I learned from crewing with the Nissan Pirelli World Challenge team I cant wait to get everything buttoned up, the new livery placed, the car corner balance and aligned, dyno tuned and hit the track for Round 1 of the Global Time Attack Pro Series at Road Atlanta in a few weeks! Be sure to look back often for product reviews of all the components listed in this article.



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