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Carbotech Brakes are a family company based in the heart of NASCAR country right outside of Charlotte, NC. I have had the pleasure of knowing the Puskar family for a few years now from my time living in Charlotte and they are the epitome of a family business keeping close to their roots while making an internationally renowned company. Carbotech Brakes makes brake pads of all sizes, models and compounds for everything from street usage to full on endurance race cars. From your daily commute in your Honda Civic to Le Mans cars racing hard for 24hrs around Daytona.

Carbotech Brake Pads 1On the #44 Time Attack G35 we have a pretty impressive brake setup with our Stoptech Trophy Series big brake kit, but even the best calipers and rotors on earth are useless without proper compound brake pads. Luckily Carbotech Brakes makes a wide range of compounds for all different models and brands of calipers. On the #44 G35 we run the XP-12 compound in the front at most tracks and alternate between the less aggressive XP-10’s or XP-8’s in the rear. The pads provide an amazing initial bite with a very linear braking force throughout the braking zone. Plus have I mentioned they literally last forever? One set of Carbotech Brakes can last me nearly an entire season of Time Attack at some of the most demanding tracks in the country. If you need brake pads for your street car, weekend track hero or full fledge race car, look no further than Carbotech Brakes!

Carbotech Brake Pads 2For more information about Carbotech Brakes please visit or visit our Sponsors page.

The best brake pads on the market!

Carbotech Brake Pads offer some of the best variety of compounds in hundreds of different brake pad sizes. They offer everything we need from our street cars to multiple different compounds for the racecar, while lasting far longer than any other pad on the market.

  • 5 out of 5 Stars

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