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In motorsports data is everything. The more data you know, the more you know about the car, the more informed changes you can make to the tune, suspension, and driver. More data = more faster, every time. How do you get data? From a data acquisition system like the Computech DataMaxx.

The Computech DataMaxx is a can-bus based modular data acquisition system that can read any oem or aftermarket sensors like oil and water temp to suspension travel and g-meters. With the DataMaxx Main Module boasting multiple digital and analog ports, combined with their additional add-on modules for more sensors, and their absolutely gorgeous LCD display, this is one of the best and most cost effective data acquisition systems on the market.

Computech DataMaxx Review 2Their impressive hardware combined with their DataMaxx computer software makes it easy to pull data from the car after a run on the easy to remove SD card, pop it into the computer, open the software and viola; all of your run data is available for you to comb through in an easy to use and organize manner. I can go on and on about the DataMaxx but ill let the website do the talking for me on that, I want to focus on the most impressive part; the Computech DataMaxx LCD Display.

The Computech DataMaxx LCD Display is an impressively gorgeous add on to the DataMaxx main module that provides live streaming data to the driver in a fully customizable and easy to read display. It allows you to place sensor data where you want on the screen, multiple warning and shift lights, rpm/speed overlays and multiple pages of scrollable data all at the driver’s fingertips on a gorgeous blue back light lcd screen, encased in a durable anodized aluminum casing. The DataMaxx is an all encompassing data logger at a fraction of the price of its competitors and backed by the best, and only, 24/7 customer service on the market.

Computech DataMaxx Review 3For more information on the Computech DataMaxx please visit them online at or visit the Sponsors page.

Best Data Logger On The Market

The Computech DataMaxx Data Acquisiton System is the most cost effective data logger on the market. Boasting impressive canbus hardware that expands when you need more sensors to the gorgeous customizable LCD display, the Computech DataMaxx is truly one of the best data loggers on the market!

  • 5 out of 5 Stars

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