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Driven Steering was created in 2013 as a start up company by a mutual racing friend, Zack Skolnick, in Charlotte, NC. When Driven was first created it was meant to be a custom steering wheel provider for NASCAR and other various professional motorsports, offering custom colored and embroidered wheels to show of sponsor and team logos and taking normal boring steering wheels and turning them into a unique marketing package for sponsors and teams alike. Since its inception the small start up has grown into one of the predominant racing wheel providers for stock cars, street cars, race cars, drift cars and now even recently introducing go kart steering wheels. Driven Steering Wheels has truly taken off in the last 18 months and can be found in almost every professional motorsport series in North America.

Driven Steering Wheel Review 1In the #44 Time Attack G35 we run the 12.9 inch suede flat road race style steering wheel with double stitched suede and leather red center guide. The quality of the wheel is great and does not peel at the edges like my previous Sparco wheel, that was not stitched at the seam. The wheels are made out of quality thick aluminum that doesn’t bend under hard pressure but is also very light. The ergonomic design of the finger impressions on the sides of the wheel are one of the most comfortable grips I have ever felt, without being overbearing for when your hand position isn’t perfect. I have used a few different wheels over the years and the Driven Steering wheels are by far the best looking, longest lasting and might be on of the best feeling wheels available, all while at one of the cheapest price points on the market.

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Great Quality

Driven Steering makes some of the best seude steering wheels for everything from NASCAR to Go Karts and even our Time Attack car. I can suggest them enough to everyone from amateur to professional. They are the most comfortable wheel I have ever felt and at an amazing price point.

  • 5 out of 5 Stars

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