Ignite Racing Fuel Green 108


For nearly five years now we have been attempting to build the fastest Time Attack Infiniti on the planet. We have taken great pride in the detail of the build from the engine planning to the aerodynamics, suspension, wheels, tires and quite possibly one of the most important aspects; fuel. As such we have been using Ignite Racing Fuel 108 Ethanol blend race gas in the #44 Time Attack G35 since early 2014. Not only is it a great product made in America but it is the perfect octane we were looking to use on our built, but not sleeved, VQ35DE engine. After using multiple different fuels in the past that caused inconsistent tunes with each batch, priced to high, and lacking in proper octane levels; we heard about Ignite Racing Fuel and never looked back.

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Jay and crew at Ignite Racing Fuel have taken home grown American corn and created some of the best high octane gas-ethanol fuel blends on the market. Their fuel is specifically designed for high horsepower applications in boats, tractors, dragsters and of course; really fast Time Attack cars (insert evil laugh). With our switch from 100 octane pump gas to the Ignite Racing Fuel 108 ethanol blend we immediately saw a dramatic increase in power of over 30hp/tq and lower running temps by nearly 15 degrees. It was astonishing how much difference a proper fuel made on the dyno, but the real difference has been the consistency of the fuel over the last few seasons on track. Ignite Racing Fuel has been a great addition to the #44 team and is by far the best racing fuel on the market.

For more information about Ignite Racing Fuel visit their website at igniteracingfuel.com or visit our Sponsors page.

The Best Racing Fuel on the Market!

Ignite Racing Fuel makes some of the best ethanol blended race fuels and their 108 octane Green fuel is no different. We rely on the consistency of the fuel and its unique blend to help produce more power at cooler temps. I highly recommend running one of the many Ignite Racing Fuel blends on your high performance vehicle!

  • 5 Out of 5 Stars!

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