Ignite Racing Fuel Red 114 Ethanol


Ignite Racing Fuel has been providing the #44 BC Racing Time Attack Infiniti G35 with some of the best racing fuel on the planet in the form of American Made corn-based 114 octane high performance E-98 ethanol! As a sponsor since 2014 we began using their 108 octane ethanol fuel with great success. Without making any changes to our fuel system the new 108 fuel garnered a substantial increase in horsepower and torque upon re-tuning and accompanied with cooler running temps on and off track.

So when the time came to switch to the Ignite Red 114 Ethanol we decided to take advantage of the new octane and upgraded our injectors and fuel pump and once again created even more reliable power on the dyno and on the track. Having seen first hand the American farmers and factories that create this impressive ethanol and seeing the stringent process it goes through to create such a perfect racing fuel, I have been nothing but impressed with Ignite Racing High Performance Ethanol and would suggest it to anyone in the racing industry and especially in a race setting.

Best Fuel On Earth

Ignite Racing offers E-85 and E-98 blends that are suitable to stock cars to full blown race cars. Give them a thought on your next fuel purchase.

  • 5 out of 5 Stars

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