Ready for 2017: Testing at VIR


After a long off season with countless hours and days worth of work invested in the car, the #44 BC Racing Time Attack Infiniti G35 is finally ready to race… or at least test. All of the weight trimming and aero fabbing are complete, all of the random little things are checked off the list, new fluids all round, and all of the freshness of being ready for a new season just waiting to get dirty. The one thing we didn’t get to yet is the new fuel system and therefore new tune, so we are still on the same tune and power level as last year. After months of the car sitting in the garage and being worked on, we finally got it finished (close enough), fresh vinyl put on (most of which was at the track) and we took the car out to Virginia Int’l Raceway to test with the opening round of NASA Mid Atlantic Region’s March Madness event.

The new aero features a slightly larger front splitter that now extends 5 inches from the bumper and a new floating rear diffuser with a curved design similar to the modern GT3 rear diffusers on the Corvettes or Ford GT’s. With new aero and less weight, I was hoping to be able to feel the changes pretty well at such a fast track like VIR, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. After a few laps and a session or two to remember the track (this was my first time at VIR since 2011 and only my second time ever) I was already starting to feel the differences in the new aero through the high speed sections, and I admittedly didn’t notice much on weight shaving side of things. But damn did the new aero give me a lot of confidence in mid to high speed sections and the famous Esses at VIR are the perfect test bed to try the new aero components out, boy was that fun going through there and letting the aero build your confidence and grip every lap!

The diffuser worked flawlessly and I look forward to continuing to dial that in as we created a floating design that allows us to adjust height and angle of attack on the go. Unfortunately, the front splitter didn’t quite pan out as planned. We have finally reached the maximum splitter length where the chassis mounted front splitter bar doesn’t have the ability to brace the splitter enough all the way to the outer edge, causing weird harmonic vibrations on high speed / high load straights and scraping on braking and curbing. We extended the splitter out a full inch from last year’s version and we have finally reached the point where we need to install adjustable splitter braces to the front edge of the splitter. This will be an easy fix, and was expected to happen eventually, unfortunately for the rest of the test weekend we had to go back to last years 4 in splitter.

The car ran great and only had one large issue with the alternator not being signaled to charge the battery, which after diagnosing at home we realized we had cut a wire the stock system needed when going through the oem harness this off season. It made for an interesting final session of the weekend when I accidentally ran the battery down way too low and just got it into the pits before essential equipment finally died but other than that wasn’t really a problem as long as I kept it charged between sessions. Since then we have re-wired the alternator signal to an appropriate resistor and switchable power/ground and it works perfect. For more info on the new aero package keep an eye out for my technical write up and also follow on social media in two weeks when we head to our first race of the season at Mid Ohio for GridLife Track Battle Rd 1.


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