SPL Parts Z33 Suspension Components


Its very rare when building a racecar to find a company as knowledgeable about specific platforms as SPL Parts is on the Z33 chassis (Nissan 350z / Infiniti G35). Sean and crew at SPL Parts in Texas are avid racers and die hard Nissan enthusiast with a passion for all things fast and.. well… durable. The SPL product catalog is filled with some of the most well built suspension arms, links, bushings and components I have ever seen for any chassis whether it be for a racecar or a basic street car. They approach each product they sell with the intention of it lasting forever and working perfectly in that time period.

SPL makes a wide range of components for the 350Z / G35 platform and over time we have been lucky enough to install, test, race, wreck and race again on every single one of their Z33 products. I personally have tried to break these things and it is impossible. It is truly a testament to the pride they take in developing each item from their Nissan product lines all the way up to their new Porsche products.

SPL Parts Z33 Suspension Review 2Anyone who has raced or worked on a G / Z knows that the stock suspension components only allow so much adjustment with toe, camber, caster and is also not built with what I am going to call the ‘optimal geometry’ and to top it all off the stock bushings are essentially junk. In comes SPL Parts with the solution, in fact a lot of solutions. On the #44 Time Attack G35 we run the entire catalog of SPL Parts products including their front control arms, solid lower arm bushings, solid compression rod bushings, outer tie rod ends, solid rear knuckle bushings, solid diff bushing, solid subframe bushings, rear camber links, rear bumpsteer arms, sway bar end-links and probably a few other components that I’m forgetting. SPL Parts has single handedly taken the G35 from a wannabe street car to a full fledged and fully adjustable racecar with some of the best quality suspension components I have ever seen in my life.

SPL Parts Z33 Suspension Review 6For more information about SPL Parts impressive line of suspension components visit SPLParts.com or visit our Sponsors page.

Simply The Best

SPL Parts makes the best suspension components for some of the most popular sports cars on the market. Their Z33 product line is beyond impressive and we run all of their arms, bushings, links and components on our racecar and wouldnt have it any other way.

  • 5 out of 5 Stars

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