Turbo by Garrett GTX 3582R Turbo


Turbo by Garrett has been the turbo sponsor for the #44 Time Attack G35 since 2011. In that time we have tested their products on the street, dyno and of course a lot of laps on track, winning a few races in the process. From the original GT series turbocharger when we first built the car to our current single GTX-3582R Turbo 600hp+ setup, Turbo by Garrett has been unbelievably impressive on and off track.

Before I get into the details of why we run their turbos I want to first speak to one of the most important aspects of a truly great company; customer service. Turbo by Garrett has one of the best customer services on earth; from Yukio catering us for years and getting everything we could possibly need to go fast, to Keith giving us all of the technical information we could possibly want, or understand. Their motorsports staff combined with the entire Turbo by Garrett crew truly take an already great product and makes it amazing. There is no wonder you can find Turbo by Garrett on everything from passenger cars off the factory line to Indy cars crossing the finish line.

Turbo by Garrett GTX3582R Review 1Now enough about the company, you can visit them on their website here at TurboByGarrett.com, and onto the goods; the Turbo by Garrett GTX 3582R turbo! After years of extensive dyno, street and track testing we have developed as close to perfect of a single turbo kit as we could on the VQ35 platform when I was working with SOHO Motorsports in Charlotte, NC. After designing, testing, redesigning, planning and piping multiple versions of turbo kits and testing multiple turbos, we ended up choosing the GTX-3582R turbo with 1.06 housing for our perfect street/track customers. This setup made for a perfect balance of torque and horsepower for street cars on low boost safely pushing 415hp/380tq, and when you woke it up a bit on a built block like the #44 Time Attack G35 it was capable of a whole lot more!

As with all race cars, over the years since final development of the turbo kit we have changed a few more things and have even replaced the Tial 1.06 housing with a smaller Turbo by Garrett 1.01 housing. This has made the car a lot more powerful on the low end without hurting the overall top end power. With our recent tune from Jon at Z1 Motorsports we netted 620hp and 550tq at 17psi on their DynoJet. The power comes on insanely fast to the point where the Haltech traction control has to do overtime. The torque curve is astonishing from hitting hard at 3500rpm all the way up to redline at 7500rpm, without losing a bit of steam. The GTX3582R is truly the perfectly balanced turbo for our setup and is a very popular turbo for many of the other teams in the Global Time Attack series. Even if the GTX-3582R isn’t the right turbo for you, chances are Turbo by Garrett has a turbo for your specific application.

Turbo by Garrett GTX3582R Review 4For more information about Turbo by Garrett or to get much more technical information than this dumb driver can offer please visit their website at TurboByGarrett.com or visiting our Sponsors page.

Best Turbo On Earth!

Turbo by Garrett's huge line of turbos is absolutely astonishing. From their oem passenger turbos to our #44 Time Attack G35, they make the perfect turbo for your specific application! The Turbo by Garrett GTX3582R Turbo is the perfect ball bearing turbo for our single turbo VQ35DE setup, pushing 600 hp at 16psi!

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