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The off-season is in full swing, and although I feel like we are ahead of schedule, we will still inevitably work down to the wire in the effort to get the large off-season check list done in time to test at VIR at the end of March. This off-season we aren’t doing anything too crazy, but finally finishing the long list of items on the car that never seemed to get done and were always at the back of the essential list. This off season was about attention to detail, and getting out as much weight as possible.

Kevin Parlett Racing G35 Subframe Bushing InstallThe major line items are weight, aero and more power, with some of the smaller things being repainting some areas, cutting up the wiring harness, finally install the SPL Parts solid rear subframe bushings, poly-carbonate rear window, removing weight wherever possible and many more tedious items no one can truly appreciate unless they build their own car. The most time consuming items so far have been the weight cutting. The G35 is easily the heaviest car in the Limited RWD class every weekend and its about time I do what I can to limit that, unfortunately the car can only cut weight in so many places.

Kevin Parlett Racing G35 Door Weight Removal 2We have cut body panels, removed the rear window, removed some of the engine bay bracing, removed wires, completely gutted the doors and a lot more effort to shave a few pounds. After more hours than id like to admit I think I have finally cut everything out that I can at the time of this post, but I still have a few more places I may look at. So far I would guess in material alone we have taken out a solid 70-90lbs, which is a bit more than I was expecting without going too insane.

Kevin Parlett Racing G35 Door Weight Removal 4

After the weight reduction, the biggest off season task is re-creating a much more efficient rear diffuser and a large front splitter with a bumper lip. So far we have mocked up the new splitter and diffuser in cardboard and wood and are getting close to cutting and fabricating the rear diffuser in the coming weeks. The design should end up looking amazing and will end up as a floating diffuser design similar to the Corvette GT3 cars or the Ford GT GT3’s. I can wait to post final photos and test on track in a few months.

Kevin Parlett Racing Diffuser Mock Up 2Along with the weight reduction and aero we also took the time this offseason to replace and inspect all of the brake components on the #44 G35. We installed new Stoptech Aeroslot Rotors, new G-Loc Brake Pads R12 Fronts / R10 Rear’s, flushed all of the fluid and replaced it with new Motul RBF 660.

Kevin Parlett Racing Brake Refresh Stoptech Aeroslot Rotors G-Loc Brake PadsLast on our list, but certainly not least, is to upgrade the Aeromotive fuel pump from a 400lph pump to 450lph and replacing out 1000cc Deatschwerks Injectors to knew 1500cc injectors in an effort to allow us to utilize the Ignite Racing 114 Red ethanol and then get re-tuned with more power for 2017. Many people didn’t know but for the entire second half of the 2016 season we were down on power due to maxing out our fuel system after the motor rebuild and new higher octane fuel supplied by Ignite Racing Fuel. I can’t wait to get the weight off, new aero on and a a new race tune with more power! Until then be sure to follow on Instagram and Facebook for more up to date progress on the #44 BC Racing Time Attack G35 in preparation for the 2017 season.


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