Z Nationals at Road Atlanta


Twice a year, every year, hundreds of America’s most die-hard Nissan and Infiniti enthusiast make their respective treks to two mecca Nissan events; Z Dayz at the Tail of the Dragon in Western NC and Z Nationals at Z1 Motorsports / Road Atlanta in Western GA. If you haven’t heard of either, well then you probably aren’t a diehard and should probably click my links above. As such this year’s Z Nationals was a great one for myself (my 6th) and Savanna first time attending. It was just a few days after our GTA New Orleans race and it was also the first time the event was held at Road Atlanta. After a year hiatus, Z1 Motorsports brought back the 2016 Z Nationals to one of the best road courses in the world for hundreds of Z enthusiasts to track for a great day full of fun and fast laps.

Kevin Parlett Racing 2016 Z Nationals Road Atlanta 2

In the past, Z National’s is traditionally a multi-day event held at Z1 Motorsports outside of Atlanta in South West Georgia for a large car show and vendor display on Day 1, and a Nissan track day on Day 2 at great local tracks like Barber Motorsports Park, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Atlanta Motorsports Park and now Road Atlanta. If Z Dayz is the laid back Nissan enthusiast party, then Z Nat’s is the high adrenaline Nissan enthusiast event. This year would be my 6th consecutive Z Nationals event experience but it was Savanna’s first, so to say we had a good time at the track would be an understatement.

2016 Z Nationals from Jeff Branch on Vimeo.

With my race season officially ending at NOLA the weekend before, and knowing I was driving on very used tires that couldn’t hold much grip anymore, we decided to take the day at Road Atlanta and just have as much fun as possible inside of these amazingly fast cars, that far too often stress us out on race weekends. We did a bunch of laps with fellow Nissan enthusiasts, passing some classic Datsun’s, and racing with some historic Nissan race cars as well. We even did some rolling drag races down the back straight (which of course we won every time! Haha). It was a great day at the track and smiles were had by everyone involved. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again next year. Until then check out the official Z Nationals coverage and learn about next year’s event at www.ZNationals.com


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