Z1 Motorsports G/Z Differential Cover


The Z1 Motorsports 350Z / G35 High Capacity Differential Cover Kit is one of Z1 Motorsports newest products for the Z33 chassis. This differential cover is designed for optimal cooling of the rear differential in high heat scenarios such as racing our #44 Time Attack G35. Anyone who has tracked a car knows how important a properly functioning diff is, and also knows how hot they get after serious abuse. Many pro race teams that run long races run diff pumps to keep the fluid circulating and in turn keep it cooler. On the #44 G35 we don’t need that for our short sessions, but we do rely on the Z1 Motorsports Differential Cover to keep our custom OS Giken diff, bearings and seals cool lap after lap.

Z1 Motorsports Z33 Differential Cover 1The Z1 Motorsports Differential Cover is a “finned differential cover that acts as a heat sink which allows the heat that builds up in the fluid to be transferred into the cast aluminum cover where the heat can be released through the integrated fins into the cooler ambient air rushing over them.” The unique heat sink design combined with its increased volume capacity by .5L, makes the Z1 cover by far the best designed differential cover on the market for Infiniti G35’s and Nissan 350Z’s.

The proof is in the results of our testing this all last season and it was impressive to see a temperature deduction at nearly every track when went to. The Z1 Motorsports Differential Cover is perfect for on track abuse while maintaining great looks for those wanting to show of their rear end. For more information visit Z1Motorsports.com or our Sponsors page.

Works Great, Looks Great!

The Z1 Motorsports G35 / 350Z Differential Cover is the best designed and most effective cover for cooling the notoriously hot Z33 rear end. Using its custom aluminum heat sink finned design while adding an extra .5L of capacity, it is an integral component of our #44 Time Attack G35.

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